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How to Uninstall Our Software From Your Computer.

We are sorry Max PC Optimizer was not able to meet your expectations, rest assured our product is 100% clean of adware, spyware and malware. Max PC Optimizer will completely remove itself simply and cleanly from your system.

Option 1:

We wanted to make uninstalling Max PC Optimizer extremely simple in the event you were not satisfied, so we added the uninstall option right in the Max PC Optimizer folder in the Start menu. Simply click "Uninstall Max PC Optimizer" and our program will be removed in seconds! That's It!

Option 2:

Windows XP: Simply visit your operating system's "Control Panel" and locate "Add/Remove Programs".
Vista/Windows 7: Simply visit "Control Panel", "Programs", and then "Programs and Features".

Then just click on "Max PC Optimizer" then click "Uninstall".

Either way Max PC Optimizer software will completely remove itself from your computer hassle free in just a few seconds.

That's all there is to It!